Top tips for a plant based happy family life

Hey, so welcome to our first ever blog post!! 

I thought i would start with a topic which i get asked asked about a lot!.. Are your children vegan too? How can i get my children into Veganism?                                                                                                                           I have 3 children aged 13 (Joel), 8 (Brody) & 5 (Lake), i'm mad, i know, but when they are not driving me crazy they are pretty cool to be around! This is us exploring Yosemite, California last summer! I have been a veggie my whole life and in recent years a vegan, its always been my choice and it hasn't impacted my family. However, as i've become more educated on the impact of mass farming, meat consumption, health implications, animal cruelty etc etc- its something we cannot ignore. 

So this is how we have evolved as a family and my top tips to moving in a plant based direction!

1. My children eat Vegetarian/vegan at home, we don't have meat in our house but they do have organic cheese and organic milk (both of which we are reducing as time goes by)

So try gradually switching animal products for plant based alternatives and don't make a big deal out of it as children can naturally rebel for the sake of it! There are some delicious plant based milks, ice creams, yoghurts etc out there, we have never been so spoilt for choice! 

2. Vegan goodies are sooo good, prove it!

Get your children to try our deliciously vegan brownie mix or palm free sweet mix, they will never know the difference! Prove that a vegan diet is far from dull ;p






3. Promote positivity! 

Tell your family we are making changes because

  • you want all animals to be treated well
  • you want our planet to thrive and stay beautiful
  • you want to be as healthy as possible

all sounds great right?

4. Shop consciously.

My vegan marketplace came about because we want to make vegan living easy. We are all busy, we haven't got time to scan labels, double check ingredients, google if products are cruelty free whilst children are kicking off in the supermarket! Its off putting, i get it, you just want to grab anything that will do the job and run! But don't.. we have some fab family friendly products on our site and would love to grow this section even more (recommendations of awesome products welcome) so next time you need sunscreen or body lotion- you know where to head! 







5. Lastly, don't force it.

Its sooooo hard but try to resist showing them gruesome images or telling them they have no choice. Instead simply educate them, make them awesome vegan dinners, buy them cool bamboo toothbrushes and get them to put the recycling in the bin! Little changes become lifetime habits :)